Poker Nights

Brimstone is an official poker venue for Any Two Cards, Atlanta's hottest poker league, offering poker players a chance at more than $300,000 in cash and prizes each year.

Any Two Cards will host each year an event called "The Annual Main Event" with a total prize payout of $10,000! To qualify for this event, players play at venues each month and earn points. The top 200 players in points each month are invited to play in a monthly tournament with a prize of $2000 with prizes starting at $25 for 20th place to a prize of $675 for first place.

The top 20 players from each monthly are then invited to the Annual Main Event with $10,000 pay out starting at $500 for tenth place to $3000 for first place.

Players that do not qualify have a second chance to enter the Annual Main Event. A player can purchase a platinum card at a cost of $300, earned at least 300 points at any venue during the year and are invited to the Main event. A player must have a valid player number and the required 300 yearly points to purchase the platinum card.

Venue events are held daily (see Schedule), Monthly events are held the second weekend in each month and the Annual is on the third weekend in August.

Players are offered additional events to earn cash such as two Red Card Tournaments ($500), two Gold Card Tournaments ($1000), two Platinum Card Tournaments ($3000), Dealers Tournaments ($500) and Ladies / Mens Tournaments ($1000).

Poker Schedule:

Sun 7:00 pm

Mon-Thur 7:30 pm

Fri 6:30 pm